NIPI has a unique governing structure and works very closely with the National and the state Leadership for integration of NIPI activities with the National level and the National Health Mission (NHM) at state level.

The NIPI Governing structure is at three levels:

The Joint Steering Committee (JSC)

The Joint Steering Committee (JSC) is the Governing body responsible for the implementation of NIPI. In phase II, the JSC consists of representatives of the two Governments of Norway and India.The Steering Committee is chaired by Secretary Health, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and co-chaired by the Ambassador of Norway and the Principals Health Secretaries of the states as its members. Its major tasks shall be approving implementing, facilitating and collaborating agencies and budgets, as well as providing coordination and oversight for the planning, implementation, dissemination, and execution of NIPI.

The Programme Advisory Group (PAG)

is the forum for dialogue between NIPI, NHM leadership and other stakeholders in health for integration of activities with the NHM operational framework. It is chaired by Additional Secretary and Mission Director, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and has the Joint Secretaries, Mission Directors of the NIPI States its members. The PAG discusses the key technical issues, review progress, make proposals to and advice the JSC as it relates to pertinent programmatic matters within NIPI.

The State Steering Committee (SCC)

The State Steering Committee (SCC) is constituted in each State as a committee for the purpose of engagement with the State NHM leadership and other stakeholders, integration of NIPI activities with the NHM approaches and strategies, and for technical and budgetary planning, review and feedback.


The Coordination Unit execute decisions made by the NIPI governing body-JSC and provide secretarial functions to the JSC, PAG and SCC. The Coordination Unit is also the main link between NIPI and the two Governments.

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