Harmonization of Child Health training packages

A review of existing training packages and strategies in order to incorporate most recent recommendations and harmonise content across training packages to reduce confusion, is being proposed. At the same time alternative strategies such as use if ICT platforms & skills lab shall also be explored in order to not only expand the scope of trainings but also to adopt competency based approaches.

Status update

Technical Advisory Group
  • Process of harmonization initiated with the constitution of Technical Advisory Group comprising of national programme officers (MOHFW), child health experts, state programme managers, training institutes and development partner representatives.
Meetings of the TAG
  • TAG Constituted and 15 TAG meetings held for adaptation of packages.
  • Different levels of care, the core training packages and lead institutes decided.
Landscape analysis
  • A landscape analysis of child health trainings in the country undertaken.
Adaptation issues
  • Current adaptation issues for each base package (IMNCI, F-IMNCI, NSSK, newborn care) identified.
Revision of base packages
  • Revised draft packages (except module 6 &7) available with lead institute and ready to be shared for wider consultation.
Finalization of packages
  • Meeting will be held in February 2016.
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