Family Centered Care-Empowering mothers of small and sick new borns

Sick and low birth weight newborns are highly vulnerable and require careful nurturing in order to survive the neonatal period and first year of life. Evidence shows that improved communication and involvement of parents in their baby’s care can reduce the length of stay and need for re-hospitalization of newborns in the neonatal unit.  

Earlier families of the small new borns in intensive care units were not allowed entry as fear of infection spreading was a real concern. However with the ‘Family Centered Care’ innovation, the approach has shifted to one of encouraging and empowering the mother for newborn rearing practices. 

Under Norway India Partnership Initiative, NIPI New Born Project team created a need based innovation “Family Centered Care (FCC)”.Family Centered Care (FCC) provides a setting wherein the family is empowered for newborn rearing practices. FCC creates a developmentally supportive environment for the sick baby and is responsive to the family needs. No additional human resources are required as the innovation can be implemented by the currently employed nurses and doctors 

Currently, the FCC innovation is being implemented with support from NIPI New Born Project in select Special New born Care Units (SNCUs) of four states- Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Odisha and Rajasthan. Based on its success, India has decided to scale up Family Centered Care in all its SNCUs in the country.

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