Re-energising the New Born Stabilisation Units

Over last one decade, a lot has been done in Madhya Pradesh for improved new-born care across all levels of service delivery. This includes establishment of Special New-Born Care Units (SNCU), New Born stabilisation Units (NBSUs) and New Born Care Corners (NBCCs) as per Government of India guidelines. The state of Madhya Pradesh initially planned to establish NBSUs at all Community Health Centres (CHCs) in the state and presently 60 such units are functional. However, in absence of tailor-made training package for NBSU staff, quality and uniformity of service delivery has always been an issue. Over a period, many NBSUs had been closed and one of the reasons for this was non-availability of skilled staff leading to poor performance of such NBSUs.

Taking cue from this, State, in consultation with NIPI New-born Project team decided to conduct training of NBSU staff using newly developed training package. This package is developed for the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare by NIPI New-born Project as part of “harmonisation of training packages of child health” packages.

The three days’ pilot testing of the NBSU training was conducted from 7th to 9th of June at Bhopal. The participants were Medical Officers and Staff Nurses from NBSUs across various Districts of MP. A total of 28 participants were trained. The training was skilled based and participants were facilitated to learn by reading, AV, hands-on on mannequins and clinical sessions in real life settings at District Hospital Bhopal.                                      

Participants learnt about triaging, emergency signs, criterion of admission and referral and management of conditions like Jaundice and Sepsis etc. They also learnt skills on BLS, IV & umbilical vain access, O2 therapy, rational usage of fluids & drugs, assisted feeding, KMC and usage of equipment, disinfection & housekeeping protocols.

In the end, the State counterparts expressed satisfaction with the outcome of training and desired to conduct more training using the same package and support from NIPI to build the capacity of remaining staff of NBSUs.


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