Strengthening Pre-Service Nursing Education

NIPI in collaboration with Jhpiego provides technical assistance to the states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha and Rajasthan towards improving the quality of pre‐service education (PSE) at scale for the nursing and midwifery cadre. The overall aim is to strengthen the delivery of high impact maternal, newborn, child health (MNCH) and family planning (FP) interventions at the facility and community level.


  • Establish State Nodal Centre (SNC) of Excellence in four NIPI states
  • Improve educational processes and infrastructure in 135 public General Nurse Midwifery (GNM) and Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) schools across the four states through implementation of the Indian Nursing Council-endorsed performance standards
  • Strengthen clinical skill development of GNM and ANM students by strengthening the clinical practice sites
  • Improve teaching skills, MNCH/FP knowledge and clinical skills of GNM and ANM faculty through a customized 6 weeks training at the National Nodal Centre (NNC)/ SNC
  • Strengthen capacity building of the State Nursing Councils
  • Support pilot of 6-month internship for ANM graduates passing out after 18 months of training in Bihar
Public Nursing Institutions supported by NIPI
State ANM School GNM Schools College of Nursing Total
Bihar 21 6 1 28
Odisha 18 8 1 28
Madhya Pradesh 22 20 2 44
Rajasthan 27 13 1 41
Total 88 47 5 140


Progress till date:                                                                                                                             

  1. Establishment of five State Nodal Centres across NIPI states:
  • CON IGIMS Patna already established and made functional in 2014 as SNC for Excellence.
  • SNC Jabalpur (75.3%), Ujjain (75.3%) and Berhampur (71%) have achieved >70% of standards and are ready to start functioning as SNCs
  1. Improved educational processes and infrastructure in 135 ANM and GNM schools
  • 8% (11/135) ANM/ GNM schools have already achieved >70% standards and 47% (64/135) have 50-69% standards.
  • 34% (46/135) Skills Labs, 69% (93/135) IT Labs and 67% (91/135) functional libraries established
  • Utilization of learning labs (skills labs and IT labs) by nursing students being ensured.
  • Infrastructural strengthening ongoing in ANM/GNM schools in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Bihar and Odisha
  1. Strengthened clinical skill development of GNM and ANM students in 140 institutions
  • Clinical Skills Standardization completed at clinical sites of 130/135 (96%) targeted institutions
  • 1,644 (402 faculty, 1036 staff nurses, 181 doctors and 24 others) trained for improving clinical practices
  • 419 participants trained in 27 refresher Clinical Skills Standardization trainings in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar
  • 134 faculties from four states have been trained in 6 week training at NNC/SNCs till date
  • 16% (21/135) of ANM/GNM schools across 4 states have at least two 6-week trained faculties
  1. All faculties oriented on revised ANM syllabus and examination guidelines in the four NIPI states
  2. Regular state level Technical Advisory Group/State Coordination Committee meetings held to review and steer the process of PSE strengthening activities in all four states
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