Swasthya Slate

Some of the benefits which point towards the great potential which Swasthya Slate has, based on our learnings and the strategy adopted by us for scalability are:

A. Provider Support:

  • The technology was adopted and used by a majority of ANMs of all levels of education, skills and age group. Prior experience in using technology was not a deterrent in adopting and using the system.
  • The strategy adopted to support ANMs through Call centre was successful, as indicated by the feedback provided by them. The support provided by one Field coordinator in each district was also crucial.
  • The system has helped them to develop and improve their skills and knowledge for ANC, INC and PNC.
  • It has helped them in their work scheduling, reporting and follow ups by ANM

B. Beneficiary Support:

  • It has helped the beneficiary in terms of time spent for getting the investigation and travel especially in normal cases.
  • Has helped in early identification of high risk mothers. They can then be referred appropriately

C. Monitoring Support:

  • Helps in Monitoring on a real time basis: BMOs, CMOs, state and national officials can know the status of RMNCH implementation right down to the facility level, without the need of data upload by BMEO or DMEO.
  • It can be implemented in in some of the very difficult terrains, with minimal levels of connectivity
  • Helps to identify system areas which need strengthening and monitor progress through gap analysis

Key areas of System support through Swasthya Slate:

  1. End to end digitization solution for health care worker: Using the system an ANM can register, deliver care, monitor and report.
  2. Provision of Point of care diagnostics: An ANM can conduct all the tests required for ANC, PNC at a health centre or domiciliary level.
  1. Supportive supervision through Call Centre and intermittent visits
  2. Strengthening of Referral and Follow up: Referral is a key area which impacts early diagnosis and management of at risk mothers.
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